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Lets be Deliciously Creative and share the passion!

I want to welcome you to my  brand new space of all things food photography.

Here I wish to share with you handpicked tips in inspirational compositions and colour inspired creativeness + some handpicked editing tips! 

This is the perfect place for you to start your food photographer journey! 

Colour Theory in Food Photography (sample ebook)

Creating truly captivating food images with strong storytelling starts with stunning colour harmonies. Colour has such a strong influence in the image we capture and that is why I wanted to share with you a sample version of my upcoming ebook " Deliciously Coloured - Colour Theory in Food photography". This is the first ebook of the "Deliciously" - series.

Any food enthusiasts/food bloggers out there or someone wanting to adventure into the world of colour theory in food photography - this is the perfect starting point. 


My full version of the e-book will be available summer 2021.  

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