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I want to welcome you to my  brand new space of all things food photography.

Here I wish to share with you handpicked tips in inspirational compositions and

colour inspired creativeness + some handpicked editing tips! 

This is the perfect place for you to start your food photographer journey! 

Lets be Deliciously Creative and share the passion!

Deliciously Creative -
Captivating Food Photography simplified
Food Photography requires an eye for visual balance and harmony. It requires creating and capturing a scene which evokes emotions and allows your gaze to linger in the frame with ease. This 80 page e-book was created to help you capture your visually pleasing WOW imagery and to compose them with confidence. In this e-book I have gathered most commonly used and trustworthy composition techniques.
See ebook preview here.

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Deliciously Creative -
LEADING LINES composition technique

Creating captivating food imagery requires composition techniques that allow the image to be viewed with an easy and to have an organic flow. 
One of these techniques is leading lines. 
This handy little documents shows examples and 
gives tips how to use lines in your imagery
to make them stronger and more visually pleasing.  

Deliciously Creative - Compositional analysis

 (Dalgano coffee)


Deliciously Creative - Image Analysis and Compositional tips focuses on certain image and explains the compositional thinking behind creating the capture. In this first analysis mini ebook I focus on a capture of a Dalgano coffee, minimalistic and simple image which is made special with colour harmony and compositional techniques. 

Colour Theory in Food Photography (sample ebook)



Creating truly captivating food images with strong storytelling starts with stunning colour harmonies. Colour has such a strong influence in the image we capture and that is why I wanted to share with you a sample version of my upcoming ebook " Deliciously Coloured - Colour Theory in Food photography". This is the first ebook of the "Deliciously" - series.

My full version of the e-book will be available summer 2021.