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Updated: Jul 18, 2019

My new exciting adventure has begun and it is time to start a brand new blog which will be all about food and photography. I started my food photography journey in February and I have been developing skills and practicing almost daily ever since. I (obviously) love food, beautifully styled dishes and photography and this is my passion for those three combined.

I've always admired the creative artists behind beautiful dishes and then the talented individuals styling and photographing the items. I have now decided to produce my food portrait imagery - telling a story of that particular tasty dish, making it speak to a viewer via my photography.

I want to produce some simple and personal recipes and share my love of food photography with you.

Mascarpone Lime tart with summer berries and mint

It took me awhile to start this blog but now I have build the courage to write down my thoughts and journey. So lets get started - Little bit of me...

I’m Marianne. Multitasker, list maker, chilli lover, halloumi nut, mum of two little humans, web designer, food stylist and of course photographer, not only food photographer but newborn & child portrait photographer.

The photography genre combination is slightly odd that it has been hard to introduce myself on the food photography side. But here I am, I over came any self doubt and created my food photography brand - Deliciously Captured by Marianne Häggström.

I wanted to produce images and recipes that make the day a little brighter, little happier. My imagery is in a style I love - simple, light, pure, bright.

Little collection of some of my favourite images ... as you can see my love of bright and airy images carries through this collection.

I dreamt of creating this space to share my food photography journey, my dreams and my simple happy home cook recipes which can be recreated by anyone.

It is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it, I do have to say. I absolutely breath portrait photography but not only creating the memorable shots of children and families but creating portraits of food. That is how I see food photography, creating the perfect shot of the dish which will make the viewer wish to take a bite or create it themselves.

I want to tell a story of the food and the scene, make the viewer want to be part of it.

Aspirations are the force of self development. My visual storytelling journey has begun and I hope this will make you crave for more....

Anyone in creative arts - do not doubt yourself, take the chance and start the new adventure. Believe in yourself and your skills!

I wouldn't be here without my people supporting me, so thank you! You know who you are!

I want to say thank you for those lovely creative people who have produced some of the amazing dishes for me to photograph - without you the portfolio wouldn't be complete!

I am over the moon that you, the dreamer, the cook, the photographer, the curious soul, the amazing follower, the beautiful human being - you read my first little blog!

I cannot wait to share more, create more and invent more.

"What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling, What if you fly?” 

Erin Hanson

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