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food photography   

I love to offer you organic, authentic and clean food photography captured in natural light.

I love simplicity and want the food and ingredients stand tall and shine in my imagery. My photography will be capturing food from different viewpoints, whether a flat-lay, straight on shot, drizzles and drips or

hands-in process shots. Imagery is created for your specific needs, anything from social media content, website, cookbooks or publications or marketing material. 


web design + graphic design 

My IT  background has inspired me to develop the skill in web design. I love working on websites, the content and designing supporting material for businesses and brands such as marketing material/flyers/supporting materials. I work very closely with my client to understand their message, their brand values and desired style. I'm all about colour harmonies so do talk to me about the message your  brand wants to deliver via colour.

I love working with small businesses to create their logo and brand design. My extensive skill set allows for a “one stop shop” approach when it comes to website, marketing material, food/product photography. 


product photography

My portrait, lifestyle and food photography experience will definitely help to create stunning imagery for your product. My passion is to team up with business owners to create product photography that tell the story of their individual style and product. I have captured swim gear, holiday accessories, food packaging and jewellery, not to mention years of experience in portrait photography (Marianne Haggstrom Photography).

I am confident I am able to deliver your brand message via my photography. 

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  I'm Marianne and I would love to work with you


 create a captivating content and imagery for you.


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