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Scandinavian Simplicity meets Naturally Light & Bright  food Photography

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I'm  Marianne - London based food and portrait photographer with
a passion for captivating, timeless photography which draws you in and sparks your imagination.
Capturing fresh and organic imagery for restaurants, brands and individual clients in the food 
industry always allows me to share my knowledge and enhance my client's internal capability and confidence to tell an inspiring food story through engaging imagery. 

Learn more about my services from photography (food, portrait, interior) to web design to mentoring.

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What makes a food image stand out, is not only the beautifully plated dish but the skill of capturing it and the skill of composing of the image. You can learn all you need with my ebooks. They will help you to get started on your journey and give you solid foundation in food photography. Everything from composition, light, colour and mood.

 deliciously CREATIVE is 80 page ebook which is a comprehensive collection of camera basics, gear, lighting setups, composition techniques and much more. This will help you capture visually pleasing food imagery and to compose with confidence.

 deliciously coloured is over 40 pages worth of information about colour theory in food photography. In this ebook you will explore colour psychology combined with inspiring photo analysis with practical advice, from colour harmonies to seasons.


 Capturing "Mood" Imagery ebook is 25 page free resource and in this I focus on elements which allow you to create the right kind of mood in your images. As we know capturing a mood, sensation and particular feel is what food photographers aim to do.

Don't forget to follow me on IG @deliciously_captured and use #DeliciouslyCaptured so I can see your captivating food images!!


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