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Chilli lover   |   Multitasker  |   Rye bread muncher  |  Visual Storyteller

Hello & Welcome! I'm Marianne, photographer, cook book fanatic and web designer. I'm so pleased you found my little slice of food photography.

I'm a collector of cook books, huge fan of Top Chef & Master Chef, admirer of bakers and chefs and lover of beautifully styled and composed food photography. I love all things interior design especially kitchen design and I'm always on the hunt for beautiful things to add into my prop, kitchen and cookware collection. 

As an admirer of food photography, the artists behind them and the skilful people creating such a beautiful imagery - I'm now on a mission to produce my mouthwatering food photography in a style I absolutely adore - light, bright and simple. My aim is to create fresh, organic and natural images with a delicate styling. 


My passion is to produce images which captivate, make you feel happy & hungry, make you feel like you can almost taste the dish and smell the scent. This is what I want to produce for my clients, whether it is creating imagery for your website, blog, book, marketing material or even designing website with imagery. It is the artist in me who would love to create your corner of the web for your brand, with some stunning images. Addition to running a portrait photography business Marianne Häggström Photography , I specialise in beautifully styled and professionally produced food and product photography.


My story began in Lapland, Finland and life has taken me via Paris and Boston to Battersea (SW11), London. I'm mum of two with background in information technology. I love creativeness and expressing yourself through any form of art - my photography is my chance to display my art.


My goal is to share with you some inspirational and fresh food imagery and informative and educational resources under "Learn". 

Photography, food and sharing knowledge are a passion of mine which I've been waiting to combine.

So I truly hope you like what you see! 


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